Who started domino’s pizza?


The iconic story of the world’s most successful and beloved pizza chains starts from two brothers Tom Monaghan and James who purchased Dominick’s, an existing small pizza restaurant that was previously owned by Dominick DiVarti. The story behind the classical red-and-blue symbol is worthy to be said.

Domino’s got its well-known name in 1965, which was suggested by one of the employees of the restaurant who was working as a delivery driver Jim Kennedy. However, both the brothers had a fifty percent share of the business but within 8 months James stepped out of this industry.

Moving on with this new business venture little did Monaghan knew that it would grow into a mega-company overnight. In 1965 it already had three stores. And within a decade the number rose to 200 stores across the country.

Not only nationwide but the company kept growing and on 12 May 1983, Domino’s stepped into the international premises where it landed its foot in Canada. It officially opened its first international store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. That same year, it opened its 100th international store where the first one was in Vancouver Washington. Following the legacy of rapid growth, United Kingdom welcomed its first Domino’s store in Luton in 1985, later that year domino’s left its footprints in Tokyo, Japan. By the time of 1995, they already have 1000 international settings. Today you may find each Domino’s outlet by checking on Domino’s near me online tool. You may find the nearest Domino’s at any location.

After serving the company for about 38 years and emerging as one of the success stories on a global scale founder of the Domino’s forefather tom Monaghan declared his retirement. He then sold 93 percent of the company to Bain Capital, Inc. for an amount of $1 billion. After the deal, he then stepped back from being an active figure of the company and limited his length of service to the company.  Following year Dave Brandon was entitled as the CEO of the company.

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