What’s Been Canceled Due to COVID-19 Outbreak…!


After declaring Corona Pandemic by WHO many countries imposed state of emergency to control the spreading of Virus. The novel Corona Virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China after some patients being infected. The virus then infected many around the world, including many fatalities till now. The most infected countries are China, Italy, Iran, USA, Spain and more. Till now 199 countries have been affected by COVID-19, with total cases 614,811, with a death toll of 28,282.


According to IMF this may bring more damage to the global economy than 2009 financial crisis. All kind of industry has fallen, including online businesses, cosmetics industry and much more. All the business conferences have been canceled due to COVID-19 outbreak.


Sports world has also canceled or postponed its upcoming mega events. 2020 Olympics taking place in Japan has bee canceled till the end of the year 2020. N.B.A, Kentucky Derby, National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, PSL final, Cricket world CUP and many more are postponed till and unknown date.

Cultural Events

Many gatherings, Festivals and celebrations have been canceled by the Fear of Corona. Gatherings may cause the spreading of new Corona virus. The Eurovision Song Contest, St. Patrick’s Day parades, Metropolitan Opera, New York, Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan and many more the list is not ending, all have been canceled or postponed to later date. Hoping this summer will limit the spreading of the virus furthermore and till then a cure will be till the summer solstice 2020, the start of summer.

Fingers are twisted for the scientists who are working on a cure or vaccine, soon we will hear a good news from them. Till then we all need to quarantine ourselves responsibly. Soon it will be over. Hard times end soon. We should all pray and salute to the courage of doctors and nurses who are caring for Corona infected patients day and night.

But, 2021 Summer Solstice will be hopefully celebrated with zeal and zest all over the world. Many tickets and bookings have been extended to 2021.

Stay home, Stay safe.


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