How do I reduce email spam score?

email spam score checker

Spam score depends on a large number of factors and is deduced by a huge number of checks executed on the content of your email. But the advantage is that the score can be lowered. It is quite easy to get a email spam lower than 1, and if the score is higher than 3 then it is better to not send the email, and a score higher than 5 makes it impossible to send any email.

Here is the list of the ways to reduce the spam score:

  • By generating a text version

The email message must have a text version. Its textual content should have some similarities with the HTML message.

  • Avoid usage of junk sensitive words and phrases

You must be careful of using words that can enhance the chances of being verified as spam. Such as indications of other drugs names or their chemical names, pharmacy or attempts to disguise words like Viagra, etc. In short, you should be very careful while using words that are very often used by spammers.

  • By using a proper subject line

Avoid to mention dollar amounts in the subject line, simply do not try to plea to subscribers with fabricated promises.

  • Refrain from HTML errors, unsupported techniques, obsolete content and complications

Abstain using unsupported techniques such as JavaScript, Flash, etc. besides, avoid using content hiding techniques.

  • Images

To get rid of any spam try to use small images instead of a large one with a normal image/text ratio.

  • HTML

Remove unnecessary HTML and keep it clean.

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